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Nita Lake Lodge

2131 Lake Placid Road
Whistler, B.C.

Mike Tyler

Artist Biography

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Mike is a self-taught Canadian artist. Since beginning on his creative path, Mike’s various styles of art have left their mark in, and on, some of the finest homes in Whistler, B.C and beyond. His art, as well as landscape creations and stonework, have become well known in the Whistler area, for their unique style and excellent quality.
Born in Toronto in 1968, Mike grew up in Georgetown, Ontario with his brother, sister and parents. In his youth he spent many hours alone, working on all sorts of creative interests and inventions. After finishing Business College in Ontario at the age of 21, he moved to British Columbia to pursue his interest in skiing.
During this time Mike began experimenting with soapstone carving. At first it was just a hobby, but quickly grew into an obsession. Eventually he decided to put together enough pieces to do his own art show. He continued to take occasional construction jobs into which he brought the influence of his stone carving, especially in the creation of interlocking, paving stone driveways. Eventually Mike moved to Mount Currie, B.C., in order to start his own business which incorporated both landscape construction and art. Since that time the business has become both successful and inspiring. No challenge seems beyond him, and you’ll see ample evidence of that in pictures of work already completed.